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The R.O.T.A. – Recognition Opportunities Tendency Analyzer

In this section it’s possible view the results of the tools analyzer.

Second product of VINA project is recognition opportunities tendency analyser R.O.T.A mechanism.

This mechanism uses a special algorithm assigned to each tool and evaluates them according to the visits of the single tools in collaboration with the searches in the database. The results are displayed in a table and also in a graphic format.

The table lists the main tools that reported the most visits and searches in the database and the chart shows the tools with the major index number. At R.O.T.A page we include additional statistical mechanisms concerning the tools we keep in the database.

These are the country of origin of the users, the visits from computer or from mobile phones or tablets, the types of Operating Systems etc.

These information help to extract additional conclusions of the preferences of tools, discover tendencies of the users and a few information about the profile of the users that use our database.

Origin of the search

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