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BERA Ð Basic Education for Roma Adults

//BERA Ð Basic Education for Roma Adults
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BERA Ð Basic Education for Roma Adults

BERA Ð Basic Education for Roma Adults

The ÒBERA Ð Basic Education for Roma AdultsÓ project wants to raise awareness of the situation of the Roma people, especially in the areas of politics as well as pedagogic and social studies, increase the self-esteem of the Roma and develop concepts that can be applied and implemented easily.
Besides focusing on the Roma community, the project targets NGOs and Roma organisations, students and teachers in social and pedagogical facilities and political and adult education institutions. This diverse target group was chosen in order to get in-depth knowledge about the situation of Roma in other countries, in addition to becoming more aware of the situation of Roma in each project country.
The recognition of factors that lead to discrimination of Roma was also a key aspect of the project, in order to enable a higher level of involvement for Roma in future project development

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Tests and examinations

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Intercultural (competences / skills), Practical skills, Social work

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Planning validation / adults

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C - Official Validation

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