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Family Mediation Project

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Family Mediation Project

Family Mediation Project

The county of Paredes, Oporto, and the Vale do Sousa region, where it is located, have identified academic failure of secondary school students (aged between 13 and 15 years) as the biggest problem of the education sector. This is a complex phenomenon that could have many causes, one of which is the family support of pupils as it plays an important role in the successful integration of students at school.

Parental skills in the scope of educational management are considered the most basic skills that enable the construction of a familiar environment appropriate for childrenÕs learning. The different behaviours that parents assume influence emotional, cognitive and social development of their children daily. Poorly educated parents have probably lower parenting skills to support/encourage their children in scholar activities. They parents view school with suspicion and avoid contact with it.

The impact that family mediation could have on local development of social inclusion and preventing risk behaviours in adolescents is not clearly evaluated, itÕs greatly underestimated. The multicultural diversity that characterizes our students renders family mediation indispensable.

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