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Skills Panorama

Skills Panorama

Labour markets and skills needs are constantly evolving. Skills Panorama helps policy-makers and policy-experts to keep up with the latest developments and make useful comparisons to previous trends or identify anticipated changes.
Skills Panorama aims to improve EuropeÕs capacity to assess and anticipate skill needs to help make education and training systems more responsive to labour market needs and to match better skill supply and demand across Europe

With the Skills Panorama’s ÔExplore dataÕ tool you can track historical trends, assess the current situation, and look into the future. You can use the dashboards selected by our experts; configure them according to your own needs; or explore a variety of indicators.
Information can be assessed through our classification (i.e. country, sector, occupation, and indicator) or by policy thematic area (i.e. Labour Market Context, Future Jobs, People and Skills, Matching Skills and Jobs).
You can also explore a unique Cedefop’s European Skills Index which measures the comparative performance of the skills formation and matching system of each EU country. This composite index is comprised of three pillars, each of which measures a different aspect of a country’s skills formation and matching system.
ÔAnalytical highlightsÕ provide you with up-to-date succinct analysis about a skill, a group of skills, a sector, an occupation or a country of interest to you.
ÔUseful resourcesÕ give you a quick access to documents, websites, institutions, glossaries and any other relevant sources you need.
Our ÔBlogÕ offers you the possibility to learn directly from experts on skills, share their insights and contribute knowledge to discussions on various skills-related topics.
In ÔNews and EventsÕ we curate for you the most recent news and developments in the field of skills in Europe. It allows you to locate the skills-related events taking place and identify those close to you.

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Type of Tool:

Observations , Evidence extracted from work or other practice

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Areas of Interests:

Informal learning, Internal skills, Non-formal learning, Practical skills, Professional skills, Teaching Skills

VINA Target Group:

Planning validation / adults, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

Definition of Tools:

C - Official Validation

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