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Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch

//Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch
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Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch

Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch

With mass job destruction and sectoral restructuring following the recent economic crisis, four in 10 EU employers had difficulty finding people with the right skills, while unemployment rates peaked. Rapid digitalisation and technological skills obsolescence has also raised concerns about the extent to which the EU workforce is adequately prepared for the fourth industrial revolution. Yet, despite worries of increasing skill shortages and gaps, about 39% of adult EU employees are overskilled and trapped in low quality jobs. This publication analyses CedefopÕs European skills and jobs survey, a new data set covering about 49_000 EU-28 adult employees. Compiling different data insights, the report highlights that skill mismatch is a complex, multidimensional and dynamic phenomenon.

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Dropout, Entrepreneurship, Labour Market, Young people

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Planning validation / adults, Planning validation / institutions

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A - Self Validation, B - Unofficial validation

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