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Validations des Competances

//Validations des Competances
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Validations des Competances

Validations des Competances

The purpose of creating this database is:
To facilitate access to training or education
To certify knowledge of a trade with employers (by obtaining a Credentials),
For the recognition of technical qualifications.
Competence validation is for persons over 18 years of age, residing in Belgium and having professional experience but no corresponding diploma or certificate.
In Wallonia and Brussels, workers and job seekers, obtain formal recognition of professional skills and experience. 4 courses specific to the summer developed (Validation of competencies, VAE in high school, in Universities or in the Teaching of social advancement)
Together, these are an increasingly valuable lever in terms of the effective right to lifelong learning, and are being promoted in 2013 as part of the “Year of Competencies”. In order to inform the general public about the various possibilities of validating or valuing their experience in a training project and in a job search project, a website has been put online
These schemes do not only meet the concerns of education and training institutions. It is equally relevant to businesses, economic sectors, associations and all other organizations that employ self-employed, salaried and volunteer workers.
It offers a Credentials which is a useful tool to improve the chances of finding a job or learn more in the trade. It is an official recognition of the professional skills.
Advantages of the Credentials:
1. Quick access
2. Official recognition of your professional skills
3. Strengthening self-esteem
4. Proof of your technical skills in dealing with an employer
5. Access and dispensation during a training course
6.Improving mobility in Belgium and abroad (Europass)
7.Sector certification
8.Development within local and provincial governments
9.Access to integration allowances for under-21s

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Tests and examinations, Declarative methods

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Certification, Non-formal learning, Validation

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Validation institutions - Public

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C - Official Validation

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