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Quadro Nacional de Qualifica›es (QNQ)

//Quadro Nacional de Qualifica›es (QNQ)
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Quadro Nacional de Qualifica›es (QNQ)

Quadro Nacional de Qualifica›es (QNQ)

It is a single reference for classifying all levels and types of qualification obtainable in Portuguese education and training via formal, non-formal and informal learning. It has eight levels and is defined in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Its main objectives are to enhance integration between the different education and training subsystems, improve quality, relevance, transparency and comparability of Portuguese qualifications, along with their understanding abroad, and promote access to lifelong learning and recognition of knowledge and skills.
The scope: the NQF covers basic, secondary and higher education, vocational training and the processes of recognition, validation and certification of competences whether obtained by non-formal or informal means;
The structuring in 8 levels of qualification that encompass all the qualifications currently produced in the educational and training system;
The adoption of the methodology based on learning outcomes to characterize each level of qualification: the use of learning outcomes in the definition of qualification levels reflects a significant change in the way of conceptualizing and describing qualifications, allowing their comparability according to competences and not in terms of learning processes. The NQF thus enables the skills acquired to be compared regardless of how they were acquired (in formal, informal or non-formal contexts). The description of performance-based qualifications enables individuals and employers to gain a clearer picture of the relative value of qualifications, which contributes to the better functioning of the labour market. On the other hand,
The adoption of the “knowledge, skills and attitudes” domains for the definition of learning outcomes for each level of qualification;
Adoption of the learning outcomes descriptors in the NQF to describe qualification levels.

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