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Marco Espa–ol de Cualificaciones. (MECU)

//Marco Espa–ol de Cualificaciones. (MECU)
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Marco Espa–ol de Cualificaciones. (MECU)

Marco Espa–ol de Cualificaciones. (MECU)

A Qualifications Framework is an instrument that facilitates mobility and recognition of the academic and professional education of citizens.
It is a scheme in which qualifications are described in a coherent way and arranged in levels, with the aim that they can be related and compared. In this context, we understand by “qualification” the formal
result of a process of evaluation and validation that is obtained when a competent body establishes that the learning of an individual has exceeded a certain level.
Thus, we find different types of frameworks, depending on the geographical area in which they are used and the type of qualifications considered: International, National, Local.
In the Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning, all kinds of learning can be accommodated: formal, non-formal and informal.

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Type of Tool:

Declarative methods

Phases of Validations:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment

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EQF, Recognition

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Validation institutions - Public

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C - Official Validation

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