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Slovak qualifications framework (SKKR)

//Slovak qualifications framework (SKKR)
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Slovak qualifications framework (SKKR)

Slovak qualifications framework (SKKR)

The system is intended to provide a comprehensive view of all qualifications, pave the way for recognition of non-formal and informal learning, ease communication between the education sector and the labour market, improve quality of provision at all levels, and promote student and workforce mobility. It consists of two pillars, the SKKR and the national qualifications register (NQR): their development was closely related. The description of qualifications in terms of qualification standards forms the content of the NQR; their levelling is the content of SKKR.
The framework includes all qualifications: it consists of four sub-frameworks for general education, VET, higher education, and occupational qualifications (awarded outside the formal system, as a result of courses and work experience). It is an eight-level, learning-outcomes- based framework, with level descriptors defined in terms of knowledge (general and professional), skills (cognitive and practical) and competence (responsibility, autonomy and social competences). The architecture of the SKKR consists of the framework grid and a catalogue of qualification cards describing full and partial qualifications. Qualifications were assigned to SKKR levels following analysis of the learning outcomes set in the qualification standards, and their comparison with the national descriptors. Implementation and further development of the framework are work in progress.

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Declarative methods

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Identification, Documentation

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Certification, Communication, Evaluation, Framework of Qualifications, Informal learning, Internal skills, Labour Market, Managerial skills, Non-formal learning, Practical skills, Professional skills, Recognition, Validation

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Planning validation / adults, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

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C - Official Validation

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