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KLASIUS as a mandatory national standard used for recording, collecting, processing, analysing, providing and disseminating statistical analytical data relevant for monitoring the situation and trends in the socio-economic and demographic field in the Republic of Slovenia, was first introduced by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia by theÊÊRegulation on the Introduction and use the classification system of education and trainingÊÊin 2006. On the proposal of SORS, in the year 2017, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia The Decree amending the Regulation on the introduction and use of the classification system of education and training, after which the
Classification of Types of Educational Activities / Results with the CLASIUS-SRV Code remained unchanged, and the Classification of Education / Outlets with the CLASIUS-P-Code was replaced by a new version labelled KLASIUS-P- 16.ÊIn accordance with the provisions of the Decree, SORS prepared and adopted a new version of theÊMethodological explanations of the classification system of education and training marked MP-KLASIUS- 2.1Ê, which replaced the previous version with the codeÊMP-KLASIUS- 1.0.

KLASIUS is used in official /Êadministrative databases (records, registers, databases, etc.), and in statistical surveys and in statistical registers, for the purpose of classification:
_ education and training activities (i.e. publicly valid programs for acquiring a level of education, publicly valid training and training programs and other activities that are organized in order to achieve a predetermined educational goal or a specified set of educational
_ outcomes of education and training (i.e. publicly-accredited education,
national vocational qualifications and other results, which can be demonstrated by public documents).ÊKLASIUS is also used in official /Êadministrative databases and in statistical
surveys and in statistical registers, for the classification of participants in education, graduates and providers of education, teachers and other subjects,Êunits in the field of education and training, but only through links with the activities and outcomes of education and training.ÊÊÊÊ
The main purpose of KLASIUS is to ensure consistency between data, in particular:
_ in the statistical monitoring of the inclusion of the population in
education and training,
_ in the statistical monitoring of the educational /Êqualification structure
of the population.

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Evidence extracted from work or other practice

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Certification, Framework of Qualifications, Informal learning, Internal skills, Non-formal learning, Recognition, Teaching Skills

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Planning validation / adults, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

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C - Official Validation

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