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Comparing Qualifications across countries

//Comparing Qualifications across countries
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Comparing Qualifications across countries

Comparing Qualifications across countries

Thinking of working or studying in Ireland or the UK? You may be interested in the answer to one or more of these questions.
What do they call the qualification which matches mine most closely?
Will my qualification get me into college or a job?
Will I get some recognition for the qualifications I have?
What kind of job or course can I apply for with my current qualification?

This table provides information that allows you to look at the ways qualifications are organised in Ireland and the UK. On one side of the table you will find the main stages of education or employment – you can find where you are in these stages. The next column shows the qualifications framework for your country. To the right of this you can see the nearest levels and similar kinds of qualifications that are used in the other countries. This makes it possible to draw broad comparisons between qualifications and their levels, rather than direct equivalences, for each country.

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Evidence extracted from work or other practice

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Certification, Communication, Framework of Qualifications, Informal learning, Non-formal learning, Professional skills, Recognition, Teaching Skills, Validation

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Planning validation / adults, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

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C - Official Validation

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