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SŠrskild pršvning

//SŠrskild pršvning
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SŠrskild pršvning

SŠrskild pršvning

SŠrskild pršvning is a validation process in which an individualÕs real competence is examined in order to receive credits and qualifications used within the elementary and secondary level of the education system. This type of validation is primarily used to meet general or specific entry requirements to further/higher education.

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Type of Tool:

Tests and examinations, Declarative methods, Evidence extracted from work or other practice

Phases of Validations:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment

Areas of Interests:

Assessment - Basic skills (Literacy and Numeracy), Certification, Framework of Qualifications, Recognition, Validation

VINA Target Group:

Validation institutions - Public, Validation institutions - Private, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

Definition of Tools:

C - Official Validation

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