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CNC 2010 Certificates

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CNC 2010 Certificates

CNC 2010 Certificates

CNC 2010 is a standard for validation and certification of knowledge and skills on three levels within the Swedish metal industry. 1. CNC Technology Green Certificate 2. CNC Technology Blue Certificate 3. CNC Technology Black Certificate
The development process continued until 2003 and the process of validation and certification has now been on the Swedish market since 2004. In 2002 the content developed for the CNC certificates was sold by the Swedish Agency for Employment to private representatives within the metal sector and since 2005 the company SkŠrteknikcentrum AB,, has had the ownership and responsibility for revision, further content development and implementation of the content for the whole of the metal cutting sector.
At sector level: SkŠrteknikcentrum Sverige AB owns the content and is content development, quality assurance of the content and accreditation of test centres.
At local level: Universities, the general education system and companies build together the structure for implementation with test leaders and equipment. The test centres and test leaders are certified by SkŠrteknikcentrum Sverige AB.
The method, process, infrastructure and web service supporting the whole process is owned and run by Mapaz AB

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Tests and examinations, Dialogue or conversational methods , Declarative methods, Observations , Simulations , Evidence extracted from work or other practice

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Identification, Documentation, Assessment

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Assessment - Basic skills (Literacy and Numeracy), Certification, Framework of Qualifications, Health and Safety, Informal learning, Non-formal learning, Practical skills, Recognition, Technical skills, Transfer of competences, Validation

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Validation institutions - Public, Validation institutions - Private, Planning validation / institutions, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

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C - Official Validation

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