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My Competence Map / Folder Denmark

//My Competence Map / Folder Denmark
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My Competence Map / Folder Denmark

My Competence Map / Folder Denmark

Competences you have gained from work experience, non-formal and informal learning can be assessed and recognised. This may also be helpful if you are unable to provide documentation of your qualifications.
If you have competences that are not documented you may be able to have them assessed and recognised, in particular within the Danish adult education system.

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Type of Tool:

Tests and examinations, Declarative methods, Observations , Evidence extracted from work or other practice

Phases of Validations:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment

Areas of Interests:

Certification, Framework of Qualifications, Informal learning, Lifelong learning, Non-formal learning, Practical skills, Recognition, Self Assessment, Validation

VINA Target Group:

Validation institutions - Public, Validation institutions - Private, Planning validation / adults, Planning validation / institutions, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

Definition of Tools:

A - Self Validation, C - Official Validation

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