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DAEA Competence Cards

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DAEA Competence Cards

DAEA Competence Cards

The competence cards relate to the third sector tool comprising the eight competences addressed in the tool.
In 2014 the tools were revised and as part of the revision an analog game was developed. The game is entertaining and works as platform for a dialog about competences, how they are acquired, and how they can be used in connection to different jobs and functions.

The game consists of:
80 Competence cards
100 Job cards
20 empty Job cards. Here you can fill in job titles of your own choice.
25 wooden discs (points)

You can print out the Job cards, the Competence cards and the instructions. You have to print on both sides of the paper and then cut out the cards.
The Competence cards and the Competence Game can be used to make visible the competences acquire through non-formal adult education, association work or volunteer work. The Competence cards consist of what EU calls key competences. In the tools as well as in the game we use 8 different competences:
Democratic competences
Intercultural competences
Communications competences
Creative-innovative competences
Learning competences
Organizational competences
Self-leading competences
Social competences

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Type of Tool:

Declarative methods, Evidence extracted from work or other practice

Phases of Validations:

Identification, Documentation, Assessment

Areas of Interests:

Informal learning, Key Competences, Lifelong learning, Non-formal learning, Practical skills, Recognition, Self Assessment, Validation

VINA Target Group:

Validation institutions - Private, Planning validation / adults, Planning validation / institutions, Trainers / teachers supporting informal - non-formal learning

Definition of Tools:

A - Self Validation, B - Unofficial validation

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