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Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language (CELI)

//Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language (CELI)
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Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language (CELI)

Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language (CELI)

CELI is an internationally standardized qualification of the Italian language destined for foreigners wanting to validate their relative Italian fluency. It is offered by the University of Perugia. It is accepted as an official qualification notably by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is one of the qualifications used by foreigners to get entrance into any Italian university or higher education institution. Exam can be taken in CELI examination centres in: Krakow, Warsaw, Tarn—w, Bydgoszcz, Lublin and Lodz.

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Tests and examinations

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Certification, Language skills, Test

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Planning validation / adults

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C - Official Validation

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Italian, Other

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